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Life of Pi

— feeling amazing

The book "Life of Pi" is an engrossing book about survival and identity written by Yann Martel. What catches my eye to read this book is because I had seen movie before and wanted to know more detail about the story.

I enjoy reading the book as my favourite character, Pi is a courageous boy who grows up in India with his brother, Ravi, his mom, and his dad, who runs a zoo. A disaster strikes when he and his family boarded a Japanese cargo ship that will take them and some of the zoo animals to North America. Fortunately, Pi was saved but he was battling for survival on a small boat with a tiger called, Richard Parker.

Most of the book is a narration of Pi's time at sea with Richard Parker. I learnt that we should turn our fear into power. Richard Parker is a manifestation of Pi's fears but also a representation of his strength, after having to face and experience it. I also learnt that we should have more determination, tolerance, and forgiveness while trying to understand and know someone. Just like how Pi communicates with Richard Parker with patience.